Since there have been so many versions and spec levels of the MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops released it's a little bit tricky to spec an exact price. What we aim to do in this short guide is give you an idea of the kind of price you should expect to buy or sell a 12-18 month old used MacBook on a site such as eBay or Craigslist.

Spec Level Affects Price:

Generally speaking most people plump for the base spec of each model, the base models are still far from being basic and are very powerful in their own right. A lot of people look at extra hard drive capacity as the first point of an upgrade, they might be a photographer or a DJ who needs plenty of storage space to keep all of their photos or images. Having said that it's quite risky to keep all of your data in one place, cloud drives are becoming more popular as a backup to a physical hard drive, however I digress from my guide, (it happens a lot)!

Another optional upgrade is more RAM and a higher spec processor. Most newer MacBooks come witha minimum of 4gb, this is plenty for a majority of users, however power users who need a lot of open apps will upgrade their RAM to 8gb, its quite costly to do via the Apple shop so people may have installed it themselves.

Whilst checking out of the Apple shop you get the option to add software, these can bump p the base price quite significantly. When buying a second hand Macbook make sure that the extra cost is worthwhile, there is no point paying for software that you don't need.

Now for the nitty gritty, what should you pay for a Used MacBook on eBay.

If you follow the links to the page listing below you will find more prices for real MacBook Pro listings on eBay, these prices will help you decide what your MacBook is worth or whether it is a good time to buy a MacBook.

Example MacBook Prices:

Prices really do vary quite a lot between each model, a 17" MacBook is a behemoth, know what you are getting into before buying one, if i was a keen traveller there is no way i'd consider one, it would typically be used by the Advertising Execs who have to travel to clients and show them designs, you need a big screen for that kind of work, unless you are built like a WWE Wrestler and watch a lot of movies on the go then why the hell not. Getting a 13" MacBook Pro out on a plane is easy, try doing it with a 17" or even a 15" MacBook, its nigh on impossible unless you're flying Business or First Class (lucky you), in Coach forget it!

Things to consider when buying a MacBook:

      • Main Use - Design Work, Movies, Web Browsing, Emailing, Work?
      • How Much HD Space - Will you need storage space for movies or photos
      • Travel Much - the 13" is lightweight, the 17" is well erm HEAVY!
      • How much RAM - Will you need a lot of Apps open all at the same time?
      • Removable & Spare Battery - Will you spend time away from a power outlet?

The prices for used MacBooks are usually a little deflated when the latest models are launched around Fall time. However prices start to rise in the lead up to Christmas and in January (believe it or not), prices then slowly go down through the year. This isn't a hard and fast rule, it's best to do your own research as there are plenty of cheap MacBook laptops to choose from all year round depending on different peoples current financial position or whether they are going back to school.

I hope that this short guide will help you evaluate the prices you can expect to buy or sell a MacBook for, if you want to learn more then contact me and I will be glad to help you evaluate a model you have found that you want to buy, or give you an appraisal for a model you own and wish to sell.

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