The Apple Macbook is a desirable laptop packed full of features, however compared to other brands they do come at a premium price. There are many places where you can buy used or refurbished Macbooks that are practically brand new. Apple themselves sell refurbished models that are factory returns, savings can be upwards of 25%.

Another popular place to buy second hand Macbooks is eBay. In the last couple of year eBay has worked hard to remove the systematic fraud that was occurring, many people that bought laptops via ebay never received them and with the low level of Paypal insurance many were left empty handed and down a few hundred dollars.

When buying previously owned laptops on eBay its always a good idea to look at a sellers rating, ask them questions and try and see if they have any history selling high value items. Some people that commit fraud buy lots of items to inflate their feedback so that they look trustworthy.

Once you have established that the seller is trustworthy carefully check over the listing and read the text to make sure you know what you are and what you are not getting for your hard earned. In the past i have seen unscrupulous people sell empty boxes!

Items that are normally included in Macbook auctions on ebay

  • MacBook Pro
  • Power Adapter, AC wall plug, and power cord
  • Display polishing cloth
  • Printed and electronic documentation

Its definitely worthwhile sending the seller an email with any questions, you can get a feel for them in the tone or language usage of their return email.

Lastly, if an item looks to cheap, then it's likely to be suspect and really not worth risking a bid.

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