Just as an automobile is nothing without its gas - a MacBook Pro is nothing without its apps. Software is what makes computers more than just technology, but at times, it can be tough to find the best applications to add into your daily life.
Below are five of the top MacBook Pro applications you can get your hands on to increase the fun and productivity of your machine.

Used by many and loved by all, Quicksilver is definitely one of the best applications one can use on their MacBook Pro. It's tough to describe Quicksilver outside of calling it an application launcher and a search program, but it does so much more than that. Quicksilver allows users to program actions to do virtually anything inside their Mac or with any program running on it. If you use your Mac frequently and find yourself managing a bunch of different applications - give Quicksilver a shot. It's free!

While Microsoft's Office suite hasn't been the most well-received set of software applications to grace the Mac, the company very much turned it around with Office 2011. The new version brought about a streamlined and much better looking interface, along with better Outlook integration and cloud storage and editing through Office Web Apps and Windows Live SkyDrive. The “ribbon” - the toolbar found at the top of each Office app that allows quick access to commands and functions - has been totally revamped and is much more useful than in its predecessors. Office 2011 is the best suite of office applications for the Mac, hands down.

Safari 5 is another MacBook Pro app that needs little introduction. Safari has long been the web browsing staple amongst Mac users, but version 5 was a special launch that brought some huge new features. Safari Extensions allows users to download add-ons for Safari that are made by external developers. This feature has long been a part of Firefox and Chrome, so it was a welcome addition to Safari and allows a lot of customization. The other main addition that has Safari users raving is Safari Reader, which is an article reading mode for web pages that eliminates ads and other distractions, leaving you with just the text and main pictures. If Safari 5 isn't your web browser - it should be.

Postbox is an alternate email client for the Mac that looks to replace Mail.app as your full-time email program. Aside from its primary features of a unified inbox and a very streamlined interface, Postbox also supports add-ons. This has spawned a number of popular additions to the program, including “Lightning”, a calendar and schedule app from the Mozilla team, and “Provider” extensions with integrate Postbox with both Google Calendar and Exchange. Although Postbox isn't free, it is a fantastic mail application and is a worthy replacement to the stock Apple Mail.app if you're a frequent email user.

As any iPhone or iPad user can attest to - when it comes to finding the best RSS reader on an Apple platform, one needs to look no further than Reeder. While currently only in beta for Mac, Reeder is still the best Google Reader / RSS reader client that's available, and it's currently free to use while it's in beta. Reeder offers a fresh, clean interface for viewing your RSS feed articles, and if you currently use one of its other versions, you'll feel right at home inside the interface. If you're a Google Reader junkie and you're currently using it through Safari or NetNewsWire - you owe it to yourself to download Reeder and try it out today.

With the rise of the Mac App Store, expect this list of the top 5 MacBook Pro apps to be fluid and changing. Mac users have never had it so good when it comes to software - gone are the days when the only apps available were from Apple, Adobe and a handful of small publishers. Gaming is also taking over the Mac in a big way, so if you're the type that likes their video games, you're in for a lot of fun in the near future.

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