Macbook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro is probably the best lap top computer available at this moment, the combination of a fantastic looking design and leading edge performance with technical configuration make it a real contender as a market leader. We have decided to quickly review each MacBook Pro laptop and make comparisons each one, this will help you decide which MacBook Pro is best for your needs.

Macbook Pro Models:


Aluminium Case:
The Macbook Pro's style is helped by its one piece aluminium casing that’s thin and light, beautifully streamlined, and durable. The MacBook Pro now has an all new cutting edge built in battery, the battery life is up to 7 hours or 8 hours on the 17-inch MacBook Pro, this is from a single charge.

New Trackpad:
One big innovation on the new Macbook Pro is the advanced trackpad and button. In fact the whole trackpad is now the button, so you can click anywhere on the pad just like a normal button! The removal of the button leaves a huge trackpad which has various interactive senses, for example you use two fingers to scroll up and down on the screen, you can even add functions and train it to recognise your input, that's typical from the design team at Apple!


Hard Drive & Memory:
Hard Drive storage now comes with a maximum of 500gb in standard format or the new super fast low energy consumption solid state drives in 128gb and 256gb format. Up to 8gb of DDR RAM can be fitted this runs at a whopping 1066mhz, this allows you to run more applications at once than ever before.

The built in iSight camera seamlessly integrates with iChat offering you a fantastic way to keep in touch with loved ones or business associates, coupled with Skype it makes it the cheapest way to keep in contact.


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