When buying expensive items such as the Macbook Air it can pay to shop around and find the best deals available. One company that offers some fantastic deals is MacMall. Not only do they offer one of the lowest prices available on line, but they also offer finance, this enables you to spread the cost of purchasing a new Macbook Air over a number of months for a small percentage APR.
Financing Options

Sometimes its a good idea to spread the cost of a new Macbook rather than out laying all of the money in one go.

MacMall has two methods of financing,the MacMall Preferred Account and the Bill Me Later® scheme. The schemes offer different ways of paying via finance, see belwo for details on these financing schemes.

MacMall Preferred Account
Apply for the MacMall Preferred Account and Make No Payments for 6 Months on purchases over $500 or more.

  • It only takes seconds to apply at checkout and it’s easy to use.
  • You’ll receive a dedicated credit line customized t your needs.
  • Preferred Account customers receive exclusive discounts and promotions.
  • Plus, you can make low monthly payments and there’s no annual fee.
  • Subject to credit approval.

Bill Me Later®

  • Buy Now and Enjoy No Payments for 90 Days on purchases of $250 or more!
  • Speed through checkout with quick, easy, secure Bill Me Later®.
  • Simply choose Bill Me Later® at checkout, enter top-of-mind information, and in a few easy steps, you're done.
  • Gain access to a Network of leading sites where Bill Me Later is accepted.
  • Subject to credit approval.

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