Today we’re going to be talking about the Scribe Folio Stasis case for the iPad 2, made by the company “Tuff-Luv”. This case is one of the most elegant cases that we have seen so far. Available in real leather, faux leather, or natural hemp, this case does not only have an elegant appearance to it, but it also has somewhat of an elegant function, too.

Unlike any case we’ve ever seen before, the Scribe Folio Stasis case has a space designed to hold an A5 pad of paper, for times when you feel the need to write something down. Many people rarely use paper any more due to their electronic devices, much like your iPad, but sometimes people do appreciate a handwritten note. Many people find that handwritten documents have a more genuine feel to them, and, provided your writing is neat enough, do just as good of a job as an electronic format does. In case you don’t carry a pen any more, now that you have an iPad 2, there is a small piece of material on the inside of the case to hold a stylus or pen to use with your pad of paper.

The construction of the case is extremely high quality, regardless of the material that you choose. Depending on your needs, one of the three materials, faux leather, real leather, or hemp, should suit your needs, whether it is with regards to function or fashion. The attention to detail on the case is tremendous, as there is even a compartment that we didn’t even notice at first! This slim compartment features a removable tray that can hold anything small such as SD cards for the digital world, or business cards for the classic world.

Opening or closing the case unlocks or locks the case, respectively. This is done by the magnets inside of the case. This feature is by no means a huge deal, but it is definitely a nice touch to a classic case.

Overall, if you are looking for a slightly elegant case, or if you find yourself using paper on a daily basis, then the Tuff-Luv Scribe Folio Stasis case is the case for you. It removes the need for carrying a pad of paper separately, so you can now just take your iPad with you, and everything you need is contained inside of this case. By the time you get your coffee, pad of paper, pen, iPhone, and iPad, you would likely need to carry a bag to carry all of these items, but with this case, three of these things are contained within it, so it can allow you to travel or commute with much less hassle.

written by Paddy

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