If you’ve recently purchased an iPad 2, or you’ve had your iPad 2 for a while now, keeping it safe and protected from any damage is likely a priority of yours. To use one without a case would be simply foolish, as they can be quite delicate pieces of technology. The problem is that some cases are overbuilt; that is, they are too bulky for the amount of protection that they offer. Protection is obviously key, but with advanced materials there is no reason to buy a bulky case, which is why we are telling you about these two wonderful iPad 2 cases. Combining both functionality and fashion, these cases are sure to keep your iPad safe and stylish. One case comes from our friends at Otterbox, and the other comes from Apple. If you’re reading this then you without a doubt know about Apple, but you might not know about Otterbox. Otterbox makes some of the best cases for a wide range of electronic devices, and the iPad 2 is included in that line-up. So enough talk, let’s get down to business and explain what these cases are, why they do such a great job, and how much you can have them for. Continue reading »