Incase Back PackIf you’re in need of a versatile, high quality and affordable backpack for your MacBook, you’re in luck. The folks over at Incase have been making high quality products for well over a decade; starting in 1997, Incase makes a wide range of products, from screen protectors for your iPhone, to backpacks for your MacBook Pro. Their wide variety of products and dedication to high quality are two factors that make Incase a delightful company to buy from. Every product that I have ever used has lived up to their standard of quality, and seeing as they have been in the business for 14 years, their standard of quality is quite high. The Incase product we’re going to review today is the Nylon Backpack, a highly functional backpack which should be able to meet all of your needs.

The Nylon Backpack by Incase is perfect for the dedicated Apple fan, as it can accommodate all of your products, including up to a 17” MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone. With dedicated areas for each of the aforementioned Apple products, your precious Apple products are in good hands. The exterior of the Nylon Backpack is made of a durable nylon, which can stand up to a lot more use than a canvas backpack can, and it is also more protective to the weather than many other backpack materials.

For your most precious piece of technology, your notebook, your MacBook is well protected from both cosmetic damage such as scratches from rough material, and larger, more severe damage from being dropped. The notebook compartment is lined with a faux-fur material, accommodating for any MacBook, up to and including the 17” MacBook Pro. In addition to the soft faux-fur lining, the Nylon Backpack by Incase also features impact protection, which, in the off chance that you drop your bag or it is hit by something, will keep your MacBook safe from any serious damage.

IncaseIn addition to keeping your MacBook safe, this backpack also features an interior slip pocket to ensure that your iPad is kept safe, too. This snug compartment will ensure that your iPad stays in its place, and isn’t left exposed in your bag with all your other items, some of which could damage the screen or scratch the back of your iPad. The compartment is quite accessible for quick access to your iPad, as it is a slip pocket, there is no need to unzip any compartments before you can access your iPad, you simply need to slide it in, and slide it out.

Featuring the same distinct plush faux-fur material as the notebook compartment is the zippered compartment for your iPhone or iPod. This compartment is perfect for keeping your iPhone safe from damage, and ensures that your iPhone or iPod stays in its place, and doesn’t fall out of the compartment. Unlike the MacBook compartment and the iPad compartment, the iPhone or iPod compartment features a zipper. I found that this was the only compartment that truly needed a zipper, as it is nearly impossible for your MacBook or iPad to fall out of their compartments, but it would be quite easy for your iPhone or iPod to fall out of its compartment, and then be mixed in with the rest of your items. If this compartment wasn’t zippered, you would run the risk of your iPhone’s screen being cracked or damaged by sharp items such as a set of keys or any hard objects.

The Nylon Backpack isn’t the most fashionable backpack in the world, but it is by no means an ugly backpack. Clearly function was the priority when Incase designed the Nylon Backpack, but fashion was not completely sacrificed when designing it. Available in eight different color schemes, the Nylon Backpack can fit anyone’s fashion sense. With a wide range of colors, from all black to fuchsia and insignia blue, this backpack is suitable for essentially any individual, from a college student to a young child. The backpack has a bit of a minimalistic appearance to it, with only three distinct zippers on the outside of the backpack. Depending on which color scheme you choose, these zippers can blend in with the nylon exterior of the bag.

Comfy Incase BackpackThe backpack itself is also comfortable to wear, making it ideal for commuters who spend a large amount of time with their backpack on their back. Whether you’re walking, biking, or simply on a crowded bus, chances are you’ll have to keep your backpack on your back the whole time, so it’s essential that the backpack is comfortable and easy to wear for an extended period of time without hurting your back. The back panels are padded, but the padding does not add unnecessary bulk to the backpack. The shoulder straps are designed with breathable mesh and have been designed with ergonomic support in mind. The shoulder straps are made out of a breathable mesh, and for ultimate air circulation they feature an integrated airflow channel.

For only $99.95, the Incase Nylon Backpack is a great choice for nearly every person. If fashion is your only concern, you might want to keep looking for another backpack, but you will sacrifice functionality in exchange for fashion. Compared to most other bags with similar functionality, the Incase Nylon Backpack is much more aesthetically pleasing than nearly every competitor. While it is well suited for the consumer looking to store three Apple products, a MacBook, an iPad, and an iPod or iPhone, the backpack is also a great case for someone who might only plan on storing one of the aforementioned devices in it. It is a comfortable, spacious, and non-bulky backpack that can store nearly anything you have. If you have an extremely thick non Apple notebook, it is possible that it might not fit in the notebook compartment, but it is able to hold up to a 17” MacBook Pro, so if you have an Apple MacBook, the Nylon Backpack by Incase is well worth the $99.95 price tag for a versatile backpack.

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