The new Apple Macbook MC240B is selling very well. With the limelight shifted towards the Mcbook Pro it's easy to forget ts smaller sibling, however sales are still going strong.

The Macbook since inception has been a very popular model for Apple, this is one of the reasons why they have continued to manufacture it. The Macbook now comes with nVidia's 9400M chipset, a marked improvement over Intels offering in previous models.

The MacBook lacks some of the features that make the MacBook Pro so mouth watering. These optionsĀ  include a back-lit keyboard, multi-touch touch-pad, LED back-lit display and the added SD card slot, also missing are some of the smaller items such as the automatic light sensor that controls the display brightness. The MacBook Pro has these options to fall back on when competing with other manufacturers, as well as it's gorgeous design and usability.

Standard features include Draft-N Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1, as a well as Gigabit Ethernet. Also included is Apple's iLife 09 multimedia suite, this has been the case with MacBooks for a while now, combined with OS X it is a thorough and great to use software suite. With this MacBook lacking many of the hardware intricacies of the MacBook Pro, its strength in software suddenly becomes a lot more important.

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