What essential accessories do you need. Well I've compiled a list of the accessories that I would buy for my Macbook if money was no object.

Parallels Desktop

Parallels is essential for anyone who wants to run Windows on their Intel powered Macbook. Parallels is absolutely fantastic for those of us who need to jump into XP every once in a while to do something, but don't want
to leave our candy coated Mac world.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional With SP2 (OEM)

Of course you will need a copy of Windows XP to run with your new copy of Parallels. You can then use your Mac with Microsoft Office and easy sync with any work, i don't care what anyone says about Mac Office it isn't 100% compatible.

Spare Power Supply

Save yourself from heartache and get yourself a spare power supply, I'm always losing mine so have a spare handy, for the 20-30 bucks they cost its a worthwhile investment. Fancy waiting for 3/4 days with no Macbook while your new power supply is delivered. Buying one from a local shop is one option if you fancy paying double the price of one on-line!

DVI to HDMi Adapter

Why do I want one of these? You may ask... Well I'll tell you why, your shiny Macbook can be connected to a flashy LCD or Plasma screen at home, they are especially handy if you only have the 13 inch screens and want to do some more serious work.

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