Welcome to the Used Macbook website, here you will find a number of MacBook products with reviews and buying guides. Follow the links below for more details on each model within the Apple MacBook family.

The MacBook listings are driven by eBay, we have collated the information to make it easier for you to find second hand Apple Macbook laptops at the lowest prices. There are many pre owned MacBook Pro laptops for sale.

Used 13inch Macbook Pro
Used 13 inch MacBook Pro
Find great deals on secondhand 13" MacBook Pro laptops, huge range of used and reconditioned MacBook Pro Laptops to choose from.
Used 15 Inch Macbook Pro
Used 15 inch MacBook Pro
Find cheap used 15" MacBook Pro laptops, lowest prices you will find for secondhand MacBooks online, lots for sale to buy now. Cheap 15 inch Macbook Pro for sale.
Second Hand Macbook pro
Used 17 inch MacBook Pro
Huge selection of secondhand 17" MacBook Pro laptops, big rang to choose from, some models includ large hard drives fpr plenty of storage, many accessories for the MacBooks available too.
Second hand Macbook Air
Used MacBook Air
Find some of the lowest prices online for the MacBook Air, huge range of used MacBook Air laptops to buy, new used and refurbished MacBooks for sale. Cheap MacBook Air for Sale
Used Macbook White
Used Macbook White
Find the best deals on second hand White Macbook laptops, we have a wide range to choose from with varying specifications. Buy a used MacBook now!
Used Black Macbook
Used MacBook Black
We have a selection of the gorgeous looking Apple Macbook in Black, higher specifications than the White so prices are higher, however we still have some cheap deals on used and second hand MacBooks.
UniBody MacBook
Aluminium MacBook
There are a number of sexy aluminum Unibody Apple Macbooks for you to buy witha brief description of the unit, we have some low priced bargains that are second hand or used.

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Since there have been so many versions and spec levels of the MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops released it's a little bit tricky to spec an exact price. What we aim to do in this short guide is give you an idea of the kind of price you should expect to buy or sell a 12-18 month old used MacBook on a site such as eBay or Craigslist. Continue reading »

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If you’re half as excited about the upcoming release of the new MacBook Pro as we are, you will be delighted to hear the news that we’re about to tell you. The news is so exciting that we won’t make you wait to hear about it. The new 15 inch MacBook Pro, according to recent reports, will have USB 3.0 ports, a slimmer design, and the Retina Display screen. Now that we’ve got it out of the way, let’s discuss this recent development and break it down piece by piece. Continue reading »